Rustic Floor Lamp ZOYA

195,00 Excl. TAX

Made from an old roof tile and black powder-coated metal

Durable and industrial design

Instantly recognizable piece of furniture

Suitable for homes, restaurants, bars, and wine shops

Built-in USB port in the middle tray

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If you are looking to bring in an extra character to your place, our rustic floor lamp ZOYA is the way to go.


We designed a rustic floor lamp from an old roof tile and black powder-coated metal, so it feels durable. Because of the three tubes that connect the base with a tray in the middle and a roof tile at the top, it looks industrial. Since the roof tile shade is relatively short, another element is slightly exposed; two vaguely visible connected bulbs make the lamp even more interesting. Intended to be prestigious yet modern, we built in an USB port in the middle tray as an added bonus. You can also make the tray functional and put some of your smaller personal items on it.


Our floor lamp is an instantly recognisable piece of furniture that brings style and function to your home. Consider putting it ina corner or near a sitting area. It should look great in combination with some furniture or plants. Since low lighting is relaxingand creates more intimacy ZOYA is also suitable for places such as restaurants, bars, and wine shops.


We take care of the details. Prefer round- or square-shaped tubes? See a floor lamp ZOYA Fi for round-shaped and ZOYA Sq for square-shaped tubes. Provide your place with warmth and enjoyment. An outstanding uplight floor lamp ZOYA is bold enough tomake its presence known in every corner.


Committed to minimizing waste and promoting a circular economy.

Carbon Neutral

Dedicated to reduce environmental impact.

Energy effficient

Consume less energy and help reduce gas emissions.

Reduced carbon footprint

Reduced CO2 emissions associated with transportation.


Height 149 cm

Lenght 50 cm

Depth 21 cm

Weight  13,1 kg

Package   87x48x25 cm  13,6 kg

  • Easy to mount and use

  • Bulbs OPTIONAL

Clay roof tile, black powder coated steel.

Please note: We use handcrafted roof tiles that are more than 100 years old. Due to clay being a natural material the colour and pattern can differ slightly from the visible image and among each other.


LAYLA Fi (round), LAYLA Sq (square), ZOYA Fi (round), ZOYA Sq (square)

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