Wall sconce LAYLA

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Versatile wall sconces suitable for any room

Can be mounted upwards or downwards

Ideal for drawing attention to art or furnishings

Converts architectural details into focal points

Suitable for wine cellars, restaurants, bars, wine shops, and tasting rooms

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Want to flank wall ar t or create an ambiance? The versatility of wall sconces makes them a great fit in any room. Mounting it upwards or downwards, our wall sconce LAYLA is a perfect pick.


One of the quickest ways to add aesthetic interest to your space is to incorporate an unexpected texture into your lighting design. We designed a handcrafted roof tile wall sconce LAYLA with great care and style to make your living room or bedroom more attractive. The roof tile shade is relatively short, so it exposes the bulb underneath it, adding yet another geometric element into the mix of clay and metal; three tubes connect the roof tile with the base.


It is great as a decorative feature or a useful source of light, offering versatility; consider mounting it upwards or downwards. The softness of the yellow light adds a warm touch and makes you feel cosy, however, the shadows that the light creates are also inviting. Draw attention to your favourite piece of art or furnishings. Convert architectural details into focal points. A wallsconce LAYLA is an extraordinary addition to your wine cellar, or places such as restaurants, bars, wine shops, and tasting rooms.

Moreover, we love details. You can choose between LAYLA Fi with round-shaped tubes or LAYLA Sq square-shaped tubes.


Lenght 42,0 cm

Width  28,0 cm

Height  24,0 cm

Weight  3,2 kg

Package   50x40x21cm,  4.2 kg

Easy to mount and use.


Important information: Mounting screws are not included due to different types of ceiling materials. Due to high weight, be aware of mounting it correctly.

Materials    Old roof tiles (clay), black powder coated steel.

Please note: We use handcrafted roof tiles that are more than 100 years old. Due to clay being a natural material the colour and pattern can differ slightly from the visible image and among each other.


Committed to minimizing waste and promoting a circular economy.

Carbon Neutral

Dedicated to reduce environmental impact.

Energy effficient

Consume less energy and help reduce gas emissions.

Reduced carbon footprint

Reduced CO2 emissions associated with transportation.

Weight N/A

LAYLA Fi (round), LAYLA Sq (square)

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